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Personal Hygiene and Wound Care

  • Frequent hand washing with soap especially before eating and hand washing with antiseptic solution after using the bathroom should be practiced by all living in the house.
  • Oral hygiene should be maintained by bruising teeth daily and rinsing mouth after eating.
  • Finger nails should be trimmed.
  • After discharge dressing might need change 2-3 times a week.
  • Few donors/patients may be discharged with the drain tube in the abdomen, which is removed few days after discharge.
  • While one has wound dressing and drain bags, the body should be cleaned with a wet towel only freshly washed clothes should be worn daily.
  • Once the wound heals the bags are removed patients/donors can use a waterproof dressing and bathe normally before every dressing or dressing change.
  • Donor stitches/staples are generally removed within 2-3 weeks and recipients within 3-4 weeks unless absorbable stitches which do not need removal are used.
  • Once the staples are removed, the incision should be kept clean and dry.. Patients / donors can bathe normally.
  • If the incision oozes some fluid or if the dressing nurse says there is some infection in the wound, please insist that the nurse speaks to the transplant team immediately. Note that the dressing nurses are trained to evaluate the condition of the wound, decide the frequency of dressing changes and timing of staples/ stitches removal in consultation with the doctor.
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