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A wife, a daughter and a Liver Donor! Ahmed Nermeen is a brave girl who donated half of her liver to save her mothers life! We need more Angel's like her. May God bless you!


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A very humble and wonderful person you instill a hope and confident in me during my darkest hour. I couldn't thank you much for all the care you have provided. I was back to normal within a very short span. You are just awesome the best surgeon.

Ayo Llen

Thanku Dr Ushast Dhir and team for sailing us through tough time and making us believe storms don't last for ever .. My husband was admitted to ICU with liver cirrhosis ,jaundice ,decreased urine output, and swollen body. Just a second opinion from Dr Dhir proved to be a game changer and led us to path of light n hope where Dr Dhir and his team with full dedication, positive attitude and faith in God made my husband medically transplant ready over a shot span of time and finally a successful surgery was performed by Dr Dhir n team.The best part of the journey was to getting know a person who's there for his patient at any given point of time without any ifs and buts. He undoubtedly is a task master. Thank you Dr Dhir for saving his life In debt for rest of life.

Ritu Chopra

Thank you for the wonderful care you provide! You not only take care of my Mother issues, but you educate me so I can work with you as a partner in my care. You are one in a million...we need to clone you!

Mr Prateek parashar

Dr Ushast Dhir is the best doctor I have ever seen. Very kind and humble. Frankly speaking I was too scared before my hernia surgery . But after I met Dr Dhir I was 200% sure that now I am in the safe hands. He can be trusted blindly. Secondly everything is too good at Sir Gangaram Hospital as in their services, their nursing staff . Once again a Big Thanks to you and your Team.

Meetu Batra

I went there for my Father treatment. My experience was amazing. I felt that all the staff was very interested in my Father's physical and mental comfort. Everything was well explained. I never was made to feel that caring for my father was a burden. I had no reluctance to ask for what I needed. On top of that my father's medical outcome is great so far! I would love to recommend Dr. Ushast Dhir to anyone who needs treatment. He is the best Doctor.??

Lakshay Bhardwaj

I met with a road accident and got some serious internal injuries in my intestine along with multiple fractures in my knee and hip joint. I underwent treatment in gangaram hospital in delhi and recovered my self after a challenging fight of almost 3 months. Doctors at this hospital are well qualified and extremely professional when it comes to dealing with life and death. The supporting staff is very well mannered and took care of all my needs whenever required.But most Thanks to Dr Ushast Dhir for the kind behaviour and excellent treatment. He is one of the best doctors that our country have who is fully devoted to his profrssion.Dr Ushast Dhir made me stand again on my feet and helped recover myself which at some time I thought was next to impossible.

Amit Khurana

Dr dhir is the best doctor which I have ever meet in my life . My father was suffering severe liver chronic disease as well as from jaundice also my father condition is very bad at time but when dr dhir see my father condition sir gave best treatment to cure my father and save my father life .Thank you sir for saving my father life

Wasim Qureshi

I was having liver abscess due to which I used to get very high fever, stomach ache & other problems. I was told by doctor that once this abscess is removed then only relief would come. Therefore, I got admitted under gastroenterologist in Max hospital but instead of removing it they give excuses that some blood veins are there around the abscess & it can lead to complications if those veins are touched or pricked during the process of removing abscess. I remain admitted there for 8 days but only to worse my condition. After getting myself discharged from Max hospital I visited Dr. Ushast Dhir in Gangaram Hospital who after going through all my reports suggested that this abscess need to be removed as early as possible as it is getting enlarged n putting pressure on nearby organs which could lead to further complications. He suggested me that it will be removed by leproscopy process . Very next day I was operated by leproscopy process n all the abscess was successfully removed n my condition start getting better from the very next day and I got discharged in just 3 days. I, Thank Dr. Dhir from the inner core of my heart coz due to him I became normal only due to his efforts. I would suggest that he is the best doctor for problems related to gastro and liver problems.

Mr. Gaurav Dahiya

As far as I know Dr. Ushast Dhir is better than other doctor. Before meeting him, I have seen many doctor for my father disease regarding the gallstones & walk thickening problem, As most of the doctor said it's a cancer related case and makes us worries alot and made us do alot of test again and again. As I don't believe what they said, I started searching best Doctor in Delhi through internet & I finally found the right doctor after meeting Dr. Dhir & his colleague. Dr. Dhir is better doctor in my opinion as he care for his patients more than anything else. So, I recommend all my fellow citizen to consult him related to liver & gallstones case. I thank Dr. Dhir from the bottom of my heart. Hope, you get better and better in future.

Th Repahini

In May 2009 my mother was hospitalized in Pushpanjili Hospital in Agra for a medication of Necrotizing Fasciitis. He saved my mother's Leg. She is doing very well now and often thanks him a lot. I am also really thankful for all his work. I can never forget his efforts that he made to save my mother. I often recall one thing he said to me whenever I was unhappy with the hospital staff and the services in Agra. He told me about the Hospital owners that these are the businessmen not the doctors and you should not expect any sympathy from them. More than a good doctor, I value the fact that he is a good human being too. More than being just professional, I value the fact that he is very kind hearted person too.

Mr. Suneel Kumar

In my case, I have seen some Dr's before I come to him and no one could explain the case to us the way he did which is admirable. His work is exceptional, he is modest and he is caring towards his patients.

Mr. Khaled Emran

Dr. Dhir is the best. You can trust him with your life. He will do everything possible and impossible to help you out. An outstanding doctor and a superb human being.

Mrs. Dipti Shah

Dr. Dhir is a highly qualified surgeon with lots of experience, also he is a very humble and kind person, my father was given a new lease of life by Dr. Dhir. My father was operated by Dr. Dhir for tumor of liposarcoma and in a surgery that lasted for over 12 hours Dr. Dhir had successfully removed a tumor of over 10 kg from my father's stomach. He will give you a very clear picture of disease and line of treatment. He is very soft spoken person and will clear all the doubts about disease from patients mind. Highly highly recommended. A big Thank you sir.

Manish Thepra

My father(67) was diagnosed with Autoimmune hepatitis in December 2018. To add to complications he caught lung infection. His condition was deteriorating rapidly. He was on wheelchair, and symptoms of encephalopathy were clear. He has had multiple blood transfusions as numbers kept decreasing alarmingly. We contacted Dr. Ushast Dhir in January 2019. My father was started on corticosteroids therapy with supplementary drugs. Since then his condition has been improving consistently. Now after a year, though he has to continue with medications my father is living a relatively healthy life. He now goes for morning walk and does some yoga daily.

Dr. Mukesh Parashar

I have no words to express valuable deeds done by our Dr. Ushast Dhir towards my family. He saved life of my father from critical stage. From his effort our family regain light of happiness. He did surgery of my father nine month back and transplanted liver of my sister to my father. Before surgery, my sister was afraid but his motivation and positive attitude acts as effective tools that surgery was success on time without any risk. I would like to say he is a brilliant doctor and extra-ordinary human being. Most important word is that he is not just doctor, but is real lifesaver.

Prabin Khatri

Traveling to India from USA (Oklahoma), I had many question lingering worries about the Liver Transplant for my mom(Recipient) and Sister(Donor) to cost and also how to manage living in India for 3 months. Putting his patients first, treating them with respect, understanding needs and most importantly being genuine are one of the few traits of Dr Dhir. In addition to an EXCELLENT track record of successful Transplant, Dr. Dhir takes care of patients all the way beginning from pre, during and post transplant. Which meant daily updates, personalize care, CONSTANT check up whether it was 8am or 11 pm, He was available. Outstanding team of nurses and great support system. The transplant happened end of Aug 2018 and both members of my family were able to be on their feet and got discharged within 2 weeks after the transplant and then cleared to fly after 6-7 weeks. The pre transplant phase is one of the scariest feeling and Dr. Dhir is someone I HIGHLY recommend, HANDSDOWN one the best doctors I have ever met.

Shahid Alam

Sitting at Bangladesh we have send sir all our medical reports by email, and got response of my each n every mail.the best thing is that sir checks his own mails by him self All the way from Bangladesh we have come to India for my mother's transplant surgery and yes we all are satisfied by sir treatment . Sir treated my mother as his own mother ,and the best part is sir gives his priority to his patients.never saw a doctor to come at off day to see his patients at hospital and this has made us amazed. Definitely going recommending all of you..

Nermeen Ahmed

Dr. Ushast Dhir is really very talented surgeon, very humble and kind. I was afraid of liver transplant surgery of mine but he made it very efficiently and gave full support after surgery I am fully satisfied. During the whole procedure I felt that I am in safe hands and he is so cooperative in follow up visits. I salute him and wish him very bright future.

Manoj Goyal

My brother, Ghanshyam Mishra from Lucknow was suffering from Liver failure. He was very serious and all Doctors of Lucknow including Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences also refused for further treatment. Then we took the patient Ghanshyam Mishra to Dr. Ushast Dhir at Sir Gangaram Hospital New Delhi. He treated him and stabilized his condition to be fit for transplant. Dr. Dhir, advised for the Liver transplant when he was stable. All the potential donors were not appropriate so Dr. Dhir listed my brother for cadaver Liver transplant in his program. We got a Liver in 2 weeks of listing due to his efforts. My younger brother Ghanshyam Mishra underwent a successful Liver transplant at Continental Hospital Hyderabad. Dr. Dhir is a very good doctor, he has given him new life, he never developed any complications because of his mastered post operation treatment. He is so careful for his patients that even sometimes we use to call him in late night also but he never got angry always replied politely and affectionally which made my patient to improve fast. Dr sahab is really next to God for us. I wish him all the Best For his carrier and family.

Ghanshyam Mishra Lucknow

Very good doctor. Was very helpful with my patients. He operated on a very complicated case and the patient was discharged without any complications. I am really grateful to him for his highly professional services. Liver Transplantation is a highly specialised surgical field and he is professionally trained in the same.

Satish Chander Verma

Dr. Ushast Dhir is very humble and he did my treatment in a very kind way. He really care his patients sincerely.....I personally feel it. Thank you sir.

Laxman Sharma

Most qualified and highly trained surgeon with Clinical training and experience from top Hospitals in USA. He is very professional in his approach and highly dedicated for his patients. He not just specialises in Liver Transplant, he is also laparoscopic and minimally invasive surgery specialist. Having training in Bariatric surgery as well. I will highly recommend him to everyone, being a doctor myself I can vouch for his expertise and skill.

Sandeep Verma

I got trasplanted last month only and living my life to the fullest and he is the one who always ask courteous question, let people talk and listen to them carefully which makes him strike on bulls eye, very cooperative with expertise.

Pradeep Gupta