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Dr. Ushast Dhir has been trained in India and USA. He is ASTS (American board) certified multiorgan transplant surgeon having completed accredited fellowships in leading centers in USA. He caters to a lot of international patients especially from south east asian/ middle east/ russia and other neighboring countries.

Planning prior to arrival to New Delhi (India)

Prior to arrival kindly make sure you do the following.
  • The patient / family should contact Dr. Ushast Dhir by e-mail, and send all the patient's relevant medical records by e-mail to surgery@drushastdhir.com.
  • These details are reviewed personally by Dr. Dhir. He then will write back his opinion for further treatment.
  • If the patient wishes to pursue the transplant or other treatment at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Dr. Dhir will advise basic initial evaluation at the home country. The family is also advised to identify prospective donor so that basic tests can be conducted at home country so as to avoid surprises on arrival. This also avoids delay in work up and transplant.
  • Once appropriate donor qualifies on basic tests, the family is sent necessary documents for visa approval with the Indian embassy.
  • Upon arrival at Delhi (India), a hospital executive will greet the patient and his attendant's and facilitate arrival to hospital, sim card, foreign exchange, etc. The patient will admitted to hospital only if required. One attendant is allowed to stay with the patient unless the patient is in the ICU.
    With prior notice, hotel accommodation can be arranged near the hospital for the other attendants where they will be transferred from the airport.
  • Emergency Ambulance and Transport ServicesOur hospital provides emergency transportation of patients from within India and abroad both by land, air and train.

Procedure upon reaching Delhi

The patient should come over to Delhi with the idea of being here for a total of about 3 months including per-transplant evaluation and preparation, the actual transplant and stabilization in the immediate post transplant follow up period.

At, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi a transplant evaluation will first be carried out to see if the patient needs transplant and whether he is fit for it. If a transplant is deemed suitable, the next step is to get a donor liver. If the family donor is deemed to be fit, the transplant can take place within 2-3 weeks of reaching Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

After transplant, the patient will have to be in hospital for 2-3 weeks. The donor is discharged from hospital after 7-10 days and allowed to go back to their country 10-15 days.

The patient can expect to fly back in a period of 6 weeks after transplant when majority of patient's achieve stable liver function. A life time follow up is established prior to departure for home country. The patients are welcome to follow up on email with the excel sheet provided. They are required to follow up physically at least once every 6 months or sooner if required.

Dr. Ushast Dhir

Department of Liver Transplant and Surgical Gastroenterology Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi

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