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Fatty Liver Disease

This is a spectrum of liver disease which is a result of fat deposition in the liver. It is commonly mentioned by doctors as Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD). The patient may not have any symptoms or complain of lethargy, weakness, heaviness in abdomen or gassy feeling. The blood tests may not reveal any abnormality. The ultrasound in such individuals confirms the presence of fatty liver. Due to non specific symptoms the disease may slowly progress to cirrhosis.

Most of these patients diagnosed with NAFLD are overweight or have metabolic syndrome (Diabetes, Obesity, abnormal lipid profile etc). It is considered to be a life style disease and first line of treatment is life style modification, dietary changes and weight loss. In patients who fail we suggest medications after consultation. In selected individuals we do metabolic surgery so as to reverse the damage to liver.

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