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Deceased Donor(Cadaveric) Liver Transplant

The patients who need a liver transplant but do not have a living related donor are offered the option of Deceased Donor Liver Transplant (DDLT) referred in common language as Cadaver Liver transplant. Here the organ is procured from a brain dead individual after the consent of family.

Dr. Dhir has worked in leading centers in USA performing DDLT (90% of transplants done in USA and Europe). He has successfully performed several cadaver Transplants along with his team in India with is tie up in leading hospitals in South India. The patients get a unique advantage of being listed at several centers by registering with Dr. Dhir’s DDLT program. The waiting time varies in view of blood group with a minimum waiting time of 10 days to maximum waiting time of 3 months.

Dr. Dhir and his team in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital is involved in all DDLT transplants. The patients are informed as per availability of donor and transferred to the required facility. After the transplant, the patient can follow up at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi itself.

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