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Dr. Ushast Dhir - Best Liver Transplant Surgeon In Delhi, India

Why should I go to India for a Liver Transplant?

  • Why should I go to India for a Liver Transplant?

    In the recent times, the number of medical tourists visiting India has been increasing. India is the utmost leading global medical tourism destination. Liver transplant in India is one type of surgery that is highly sought by such medical tourists from other Asian countries, Europe, Western and from other parts of the world.

    Best liver transplant surgeons in India can be consulted very easily without any hassle as there are several specialists who are well qualified, well experienced, internationally accredited and world-wide popular.

    What is the success rate of liver transplant in India?

    Liver transplant in India has a success rate over 90%, and it has transformed the lives of numerousseverely affected patients with liver diseases and had no other treatment options. Historical recordshave shown that about 53% of those who received liver transplant in India have even lived for more than 20 years. Success rate of liver transplants in long-term depends on personal situations and commitment to change their lifestyle.

    What is the liver transplant cost in India?

    Liver transplant in India is less costly, compared with the surgical procedure costs in any other technologically advanced countries similar to India. A transplantation surgery can be performed in India for only about Rs.14 lakhs, which gives a greater cost saving compared with a Western country. This is inclusive of pre-medical medical checkups, consultations and follow-ups, cost of surgery and medications.

    What technology does India use for liver transplant surgeries?

    The technology and state of the art equipment used in India for liver surgeries are comparable and equivalently advanced to what are used in other developed countries. The availability of home technology at a cheaper price makes the surgery affordable to several deserved patients. Liver transplant treatments in India are approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

    Do the hospitals have adequate facilities?

    The hospitals in India possess the best facilities where the surgery is performed using the latest technology as you would find in other developed Western countries, which includes highly advanced liver transplant operation theatre, liver transplant ICU, state of the art MRI and CT scanners. A liver transplant surgery requires about two weeks’ hospital stay and during this period the patients are given the best care for faster recovery.

    What are the other benefits in visiting India for a liver transplant?

    You will definitely feel India as your home. There are several medical consultants with whom you can get in touch prior to visiting India. They can assist you in planning your trip including visa arrangements and affordable place of stay at your convenience and close by the hospital. They will also look after all your requirements during your stay, such as health diets, caretaker, travel, etc. Excellent patient centric focus, matchless care, professionalism, affordability, flexible payment facilities, convenience, quality treatment at reasonable prices and auxiliary service support throughout the liver transplant in India cannot be found in any other country in the world.

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