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Dr. Ushast Dhir - Best Liver Transplant Surgeon In Delhi, India

Why do I need a Liver Transplant?

  • Why do I need a Liver Transplant?

    Liver transplant in India is an advanced surgical procedure performed on persons suffering severely with liver diseases. Many hospitals in India are highly equipped with the advanced technology and expertise to perform liver transplants with high success rates. Large numbers of medical tourists visit India each year for liver transplantation surgery due to the cost advantage compared with other countries.

    Who needs a liver transplant?

    Liver Transplant Surgery in India  is high in number and every patient visiting the specialist with a liver disease asks the same question ‘do I need a liver transplant?’

    Not everyone with a liver disease needs a liver transplant. Several liver conditions can be resolved with simple changes in lifestyle, such as avoiding alcohol and drugs, reducing excess weight, participating in medical programs and following up regular body checkups toclosely monitorthe liver function. Many other liver conditions can be treated through medications prescribed by the doctors. Few others can also be corrected by a simple surgical procedure, without any requirement for a donor liver. However, a liver transplantation turns essential and becomes the only option when none of the above methods can treat the disease and prevent a complete liver failure. At an instance when the liver has already stopped proper functionality, a liver transplant is required, which could otherwise even lead to a death.

    What happens if you ignore a liver transplant?

    Liver is an important part in our body and it carries out several vital functions, such as:

    • Processes and digests nutrients from foods and converts them into energy
    • Stores necessary nutrients, sugar and minerals
    • Generates bile to help easy digestion and absorption of fat and certain vitamins
    • Fulfills the protein requirement for the body
    • Takes out toxics of poisonous foods and medications
    • Cleanses the blood by removing bacteria and help body fight against infections
    • Regulates blood clotting

    A damaged liver struggles to fulfill its functions properly, which affects the nutrient and energy level within the body and accumulates waste and toxins. At an instance of complete liver failure, the functionality is completely stopped without which a person cannot survive. Liver transplant in India have saved the lives of several such severely affected patients.

    Are there alternatives to a liver transplant surgery?

    If the specialist has recommended you the transplant surgery, then it is always the best to undergo the procedure at the earliest. Any specialist in India recommends a surgical transplantation only after a thorough examination of the health condition and potential benefits and risks of the surgery. Therefore, there are no alternatives for a liver transplant surgery and it is essential you follow the guidance of the specialist.

    Can the liver transplant put on hold?

    Liver transplant  can be done only when the best matching healthy liver is received from another donor. In most cases, there is a waiting time and doctors do a Model of End-Stage Liver Disease (MELD) scoring to check the current functionality levels of your liver. Unless you are in the waiting list as per the doctor’s guidance and under his monitoring, it is not acceptable to postpone the recommended liver transplant surgery.

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