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What to do if there is No Liver Donor in the Family?

  • What to do if there is No Liver Donor in the Family?

    Liver donors  are individuals who donate portion of their healthy liver to substitute the affected liver for those who are suffering from severe liver diseases and need a liver transplantation. While, not all liver diseases need transplantations, several lives have been saved through such liver transplants in Delhi  with the assistance of liver donors.

    What are the requirements for being a donor?

    Liver transplants in Delhi are performed only after finding the best match donor. This helps in minimizing surgery complications of the body refusing to accept the replanted liver and to maximize the benefits from liver transplantation.

    In general, living donors are expected to suit the following criteria:

    • be in good health,
    • must be between the ages of 18 and 55 years,
    • similar blood group,
    • similar body mass, and
    • have an emotional relationship with the patient.

    Mostly, a liver donor with the above requirements can easily be found within the family members.

    What are the benefits of a donor in the family?

    The main advantage of a donor within the family is the waiting time. If there is a quick best match found, the surgery can be scheduled sooner, especially for those who are suffering severely. The patient is fortunate to return to a better quality life in quick time.

    Does the donor need to be someone in the family?

    The donor need not necessarily be a family member. He/she can even be a relative, friend or a well-known person. Specialists say, whatsoever in addition to the matching liver in terms of blood group, body figure, etc., theyalso do require that donor and intended recipienthave an ‘emotional relationship/ attachment’ with each other, which makes it the best match.

    What if there is no donor in the family or in the extended known circle?

    The patient is kept on hold in a waiting list, until the best match is found from a willing donor. Several liver transplants in Delhi have been performed in this way, where the patient is initially scored based on few blood tests (i.e. to examine level of creatinine, international normalized ratio, etc.) and then made to wait in a priority list based on the score.

    What if there is no living donor?

    Essentially, liver transplantation donors are of two types: living donors and deceased donors. If there were no possibilities of finding a living donor or if there was an easily found liver match of a deceased donor, the doctor would go for the second option. Through this transplantation surgery, healthy liver of a deceased person is replaced for the affected individual.

    How should be the donor care after donation?

    Gifting a piece of liver for our loved one could be the best thing you would ever do. Liver is the only part of the body that reproduces by its own. This process starts just within next two weeks and gradually gets backs to its normal size within a year. Following up the medications and advises of the consultant is necessary till complete recovery.

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