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What are the symptoms of a Liver Cancer?

  • What are the symptoms of a Liver Cancer?

    According to the Liver Transplant Surgeons in India, liver cancer is one of the important liver conditionsthat require a transplant surgery. Liver cancer treatment in India includes several other treatment alternatives on top for treating liver cancer. If transplantation is required depends on the spreading of cancer, functioning level of the liver and patient’s general health condition.

    Symptoms of liver cancer are simply mistaken for some other disease, and patients tend to visit a specialist at a very complicated stage, says a liver transplant surgeon in India. It is important know the basic facts on liver cancer, causes, symptoms, and treatment options.

    What is liver cancer?

    Liver is importantly a part of our digestive system and detoxification process. Blood continuously flows through liver and cancer cells are easily reachable to liver during this process. Liver cancer is the overgrowth of normal liver cells that becomes abnormal in appearance and behavior. Several types of tumors can develop, but only few are cancerous. They could also grow into adjacent normal organs, both within and outside liver and become destructive and life threatening if ignored for a long-time. This condition can be characterized as Primary liver cancer – that originates in the liver, and Secondary liver cancer – that originates in any other organ and spreads to liver.

    What causes liver cancer?

    Liver transplant surgeons in India explain the major cause of liver cancer is the long-term liver damage - ‘liver cirrhosis’. This is the condition where the liver cells gets damaged or killed and replaced with dead tissues, also known as irreversible scarring of liver. These lead to gradual injury of liver cells, inflammation, dying of affected cells that form scar tissues. The healthy liver cells regenerate trying to replace the dead cells, when liver gets abnormally structured.

    The causes can be any dietary, lifestyle, or environmental, factors. Long-term alcohol consumption, viral infection (Hepatitis A, B, C), accumulation of toxic substance in our body (ex. excessive iron, medicines, poisonous ingredients), blood vessel blockages to liver, genetic disorder, excessive weight (obesity) or any other liver damaging condition in long-term can cause liver cancer.

    What are the signs not to be ignored?

    A swollen belly, pain, discomfort or hard lumps in the upper right side stomach, sudden weight loss, appetite loss, unusual tiredness, vomiting, nausea, increased body temperature, yellowing of skin or eyes, easy bleeding, dark urine and pale colored stools are most common symptoms of liver cancer. Your doctor would physically examine you and perform serum tumor marker test, liver function test, CT or MRI scan, biopsies, ultrasound and several other tests to evaluate the disease, confirm the stage of cancer and determine the treatment method.

    How is liver cancer treated?

    Liver cancer treatment in India is highly advanced and very much affordable to patients globally. Liver transplant surgeons in India would recommend surveillance, surgery, a liver transplant, ablation therapy, embolization therapy, targeted therapy, radiation therapy or any other best treatment depending on the severity. The expertise and experience of the best surgeons in India assist you recover completely without any symptoms of liver cancer.

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