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Tips For Diet Management After A Liver Transplant

  • Tips For Diet Management After A Liver Transplant

    Even if you are facilitated with best liver transplant in India, it is important to follow a proper diet in order to maintain your health post treatment. Diets play an important role in maintaining the health of body after liver transplant.

    We have a particular way of eating that we have been following all our lives, changing that will not happen overnight, and one has to really struggle to achieve his/her goal of proper detoxified body without any support of pills and drugs. Meat is one such meal that is said to contain hormones, antibiotics and are difficult to digest. Junk and refined foods are also eliminated for any detoxifying program to work.

    Give preference to herbs and green leafy vegetables

    Herbs are a powerful combination of vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are an excellent source of nutrition. Diets normally do not serve the purpose of detoxification alone. Hence herbs are combined with a vegetarian diet to stimulate various organs like lungs, kidneys and liver.

    Many herbs are organ specific, that is, they treat particular organs only. Connect with a professional to know about the herbs that should be consumed after best liver transplant in Delhi. Popular herbal food combinations for liver include - liverwort, parsley, chamomile, blessed thistle, black Cohosh, horsetail and birch leaves angelica.

    Avoid junk food

    These herbs are very beneficial for detoxifying the body and can be combined with a good diet. As the liver dumps its toxins into the bowels, which are clogged completely with the refined foods and all the junk foods, hence it is of no use for the herbs to clean the liver. The vegetarian diets are solely much effective for detoxification but if they are combined with the herbs, they together make a powerful combination, which speeds up the stimulation of the organs.

    Opt for Herbal teas

    Herbs are generally used as teas, powders or extracts and powders are covered in the form of a capsule for easier swallowing and give best results when taken with a good diet full of vitamins and enzymes. Herbal teas are a great source of vitamins and it can be easily made and consume it throughout the day with no harmful effects as in case of coffee.

    Herbal teas are soothing, light, and sometimes refreshing but may taste bitter too. Herbal extracts are widely used for the purification of blood and other organs as these extracts contain products featuring anti-cancer agents that help people who are addicted to smoking and drinking. Consider getting dietary advice from the expert offering services for best liver transplant in India for enhanced benefits.

    The Final Say

    As soon as you get up, drink a glass of lemon water or a glass of water with one teaspoon of blackstrap molasses and another teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.For the morning, have a glass of water with psyllium husk powder.And for meals take liver herbs and multi digestive enzymes. And in between meals, you can drink ginger or any other flavor herbal teas. Make sure the expert you hirefor best liver transplant in Delhi gives you a diet plan.

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