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Dr. Ushast Dhir - Best Liver Transplant Surgeon In Delhi, India

The Very First Question: Does the patient Really Need Liver Transplant Immediately?

  • The Very First Question: Does the patient Really Need Liver Transplant Immediately?

    Specialists of liver transplants in India  are very supportive and understanding in fulfilling both the physiological and psychological needs of their patients. Liver  transplantation is relatively a complex surgical procedure and every patient has their own set of questions and problemsin mind:

    • Is  liver transplantation  the only option available or are there any alternatives?
    • Do I really need liver transplant immediately or can I delay it till I get mentally fit and until I manage several other issues?
    • How costly would be the surgery and can I manage with my small pocket?
    • Which country, hospital and consultant should I choose to start the treatment?
    • Should I choose based the best brand name or low cost? Or is there a balance?
    • How successful would be the liver transplant surgery in reverting to a healthy life?
    • Where can I find a donor?
    • How long is the recovery period?
    • What would be the risks and complications?

    Is liver transplantation the only option?

    Liver transplantation is required only if your doctor considers the other liver treatment options are not adequately effective to prevent scarring of liver tissues and cure your disease. If the disease was diagnosed at an early stage that is before the liver functionalities are affected severely, medications can treat you. A liver transplant in India is done only if it is absolutely essential to save the life of the patient.

    Does the patient really need a liver transplant immediately?

    Pre-operation preparation is not easy and many things have to be planned in advance, such as source of finance, family care, vacation from work and much more. It is best to undergo the surgery at the earliest to prevent additional liver damage, once it is diagnosed. However, a time gap would be required for a liver transplant for two reasons:

    • to complete all required physical checkups and to mentally prepare the patient
    • until the best matching healthy liver is received from another donor

    Is this Period of Waiting unsafe?

    A Model of End-Stage Liver Disease (MELD) scoring is done by the doctors to examine the current functionality levels of your liver. This measures the level of Creatinine (examines kidneys) and International Normalized Ratio (examines Prothrombin time). Higher scores indicate high severity of liver disease and such patients need immediate treatment. Lower scores indicate less severity and they can wait for a while under the monitoring of the specialist. The patients are positioned in the waiting list according to MELD scores.You can discuss with the specialist of the safe ‘period of waiting’ and regular blood tests are essential to update your MELD score. Specialists who have performed the best liver transplant in India assist you throughout the process.

    How long can be the Period of Waiting for a liver transplant in India?

    Best liver transplants in India  have been performed within just few months. It all depends on how soon you prepare yourself to undergo the surgery and how soon you receive a donor liver. The lead time for a donor liver in hospitals of India is very short with the best commitment to assist the patient with the best service they deserve.

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