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How to Prevent Liver Diseases?

  • How to Prevent Liver Diseases?

    The number of patients visiting hospitals with liver failures has dramatically increased nowadays and liver transplant in India has saved lives of several such patients. Liver plays an important role in our food digestion and detoxification process. Healthy liver could get damaged due to several chronic diseases and severe acute conditions.

    Liver transplant surgeons in India say the increasing number keep them worried, and it is that many preventable causes are easily ignored by us and then suffering from prolonged liver diseases. Generally, liver failures occur gradually and over many years and mostly preventive measures can save our lives.

    Chronic conditions for liver disease include

    • Long-term alcohol consumption
    • Cirrhosis: implicates loss of liver cells and irreparable liver scarring
    • Virus infecting liver – Hepatitis A, B, C
    • Liver cancer
    • Hemochromatosis:ageneticsyndromecausing the body to hold excessive iron
    • Malnutrition
    • Genetic disorder

    Acute conditions for liver disease include

    • Overdose of certain medications
    • Blood vessel blockages to liver
    • Autoimmune diseases
    • Ingestion of poisonous toxins in the body

    Carelessness and unobserved symptoms of liver diseases end up in liver transplant, says a liver transplant surgeon in India.

    Preventive methods explained by doctors to avoid liver transplants in India

    Avoid alcohol consumption

    Alcohol is a cause for liver cancer and cirrhosis. As alcohol consumption does no good for our body in any way, it is always best to completely avoid alcohol consumption.

    Hepatitis vaccine or an Immunoglobulin shot

    Hepatitis could be caused by alcohol, drugs or certain medications. Getting a hepatitis vaccine reduces the risk of hepatitis A, B, C virus affecting the liver. Immunoglobulin treats infectious and autoimmune diseases.

    Balanced nutrients

    It is important to incorporate all nutrients in our daily diet. Particularly, garlic, grapefruits, avocados, apples, carrots, beets, green vegetables, lemon, turmeric, olive oil and green tea are special mentions that cleanse the liver.

    Hygiene practices

    Virus effects to liver could be due to unhygienic practices. Not washing hands after using rest rooms, or before touching any foods, injections using a shared needle, getting a tattoo done with an unsterilized tool, or sharing personal items of an unclean individuals, can be totally avoided.

    Screened blood transfusion

    Diseases could easily get transmitted through a blood transfusion. Doctors necessarily do blood screening for Hepatitis B and C, and HIV, to make sure infected blood is not transfused to a healthy person.

    Correct use of prescribed medicines

    Use tablets and drugs only prescribed by a specialist. Self-medications or over dosage of prescribed medicines overload the processing work of liver and limit their functions.

    Frequent medical check-ups

    Despite your healthy body condition, it is advantageous to do frequent medical check-ups. This assists in timely detectingany disorders including genetic syndromes, cirrhosis, malnutrition, autoimmune diseases, vessel blockages or cancer.

    Liver disease could affect anyone of any age, living in any part of the country. Transplantation of liver is the last option and doctors say by focusing on preventing methods liver transplant in India can be reduced to a greater extent.

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