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Dr. Ushast Dhir - Best Liver Transplant Surgeon In Delhi, India

Few Facts about Liver Transplant

  • Few Facts about Liver Transplant

    In present times, we widely hear about Liver transplant in India and thousands of patients, both nationals and medical tourists, in a year undergo liver transplant surgery in India.

    Do you understand the importance of a Healthy Liver?

    Liver is our body’s energy factory. It takes in the nutrients, completes the digestion process and converts them into energy. It also filters blood and removes harmful toxins from the body. An unhealthy liver or liver failure means this whole process is jeopardized, you fall sick, weak and even death could occur.

    How does a Liver Transplant surgery in India help?

    Liver transplant in India has made numerous patients to smile back. A liver transplant can be the only cure solution when the liver function has stopped and other medications and treatments no longer help to save your life. Liver could get damaged due to several chronic or severe acute conditions. Liver transplant is the surgical procedure to remove the affected liver and replace it with a healthy one.

    Who needs a Liver Transplant?

    Transplant surgery is the last resort option for whose livers are affected due to diseases and otherliver-damaging conditions including alcohol abuse, cancer, cirrhosis, hepatitis, etc. Studies have found that Asians are more prone to liver failures compared with Western population. Both children and adults could get affected from a liver failure and require a transplant. The doctor does a thorough diagnosis before deciding a patient is a suitable candidate for a liver transplant. Several medical examinations such as blood tests, consultations, and x-rays are performed to confirm the patient as a suitable person for a liver transplant.

    Will someone donate a Healthy Liver?

    There are two types of liver transplant: Deceased donor transplant and Living donor transplant. In the first type, healthy liver of a deceased person is replaced for the affected individual. In the latter type, a healthy living person donates - most often a family member with the same blood and relatively same body sized. Liver is the only part of our body that can redevelop by itself. Up to 70% of the liver can be taken off from a person without any complications and it grows back to its normal size within few weeks.

    Worried about the liver transplant surgery success?

    Liver transplant in India has success rate over 90%, and it has transformed the lives of many unhappy patients. It has also been found that about 53% of those who received liver transplants have even lived for more than 20 years. However, success in long-term depends on personal situations and changes in lifestyle.

    Does ‘aftercare following Liver Transplant’ matters?

    Liver transplant gives a new beginning to the life and aftercare is absolutely essential to stay healthy. Following the medical advices, medications, physical therapies, balanced nutrients and awareness on possible complications ensure the liver transplant is success for lifelong.

    How long is the recovery time after the surgery?

    It requires about three-week stay in hospital and the doctors evaluate any possible surgery complications, physical, mental and emotional health before discharging. Once you get home, it is possible to get back to normal life little by little.

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