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Cost of a Successful Liver Transplant in India

  • Cost of a Successful Liver Transplant in India

    Diseases, unless prevented are expensive to treat. It is the true fact that we are prepared to spend millions and billions to treat our loved ones, because our only wish is to see them recovered.Still people think that the best treatment is costlier. However, cost of liver transplant in India  is approx.  Rs.20 lakhs, while success rate of liver transplant in India is about 90%.

    Why a liver transplant is costly?

    Cost of liver transplant in India  is much lower compared with other western countries. Liver transplantation is the only last option for a severely affected person with a liver disease, when doctors consider other medications and treatments are not effective to save a valuable life. This surgical procedure is done by transplanting a healthy liver from a living or a deceased donor.Several tests are done to check the health condition of the patient and potential effectiveness of the surgery.The surgery is performed using the state-of-the-art technology and tools, which take about 4-8 hours and sometimes, may lengthen up to 12 hours. Usually, the surgical team operates the patient and the living donor at the same time.

    A liver transplantation procedure involves enormous resources that includes

    • A team of specialists and doctors – surgeons, anesthetists, radiologists, nutritionists, hepatologists, and several others
    • Medicines – anesthetics, albumin, antibiotics, etc.
    • Consumables during and after surgery
    • Frequent tests and examinations

    How do you minimize the cost of liver transplant?

    The costs begin to add up, starting from the initial specialist consultation and preliminary checkups. Then to the list post-operative, surgical and recovery costs are added up. Success rate of liver transplant in India proves best treatments are not always expensive. The cost of liver transplant varies depending on the country you decide to travel for the surgery, the hospital selection and the choice of specialist. Proper knowledge on liver transplantation process and complete information on several options and choices available enable to minimize the cost of the surgery, while ensuring complete success.

    Why should you choose India or a liver transplant in Delhi?

    India has many globally recognized hospitals and several are to be found in Delhi. These hospitals possess the best state-of-the-art technology in the region that is comparable with those of developed countries. The specialists are well qualified, experienced and internationally accredited. A liver transplant in India  is made very much affordable for the nationals and other medical tourists, considering the living standards of patients who are looking for reasonable avenues of medical solutions. Advanced, but cheaper home-technology andservices of well-educated nationaldoctors have made this a possibility in India.

    Consulting the best specialist ensures you are in the safe hands from the beginning till your recovery. They educate and guide the patients the must do’s and don’ts; comfort you by explaining the process, pros and cons, possible risks and complications, and recovery. They understand the patients come to them with a limited budget and small pocket; they assist you with the best ways to minimize the cost of a liver transplant, while giving you the best return.

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