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Biliary Disorders

Gallbladder Stone disease

Gall Bladder is a small pouch attached to the liver which stores 50-80 ml of bile at a time. When we eat a fatty meal the Gall bladder contracts to squeeze stored bile into intestines to help in digestion. Some individuals develop stones in the Gall bladder. Most commonly they present with pain in the right upper abdomen. The pain is usually associated with fatty and fried foods. The diagnosis is made with the help of an ultrasound. The people who are symptomatic with gall stones are offered laparoscopic (key hole) surgery at our center. We offer single hole, reduced port and robotic options as well.

Bile duct stone

It is presence of stones the bile channel which carries blood from liver/gallbladder to intestines. Some individuals may pass stones from their gallbladder into their bile duct or primary develop stones in the duct. These set of patients may present with jaundice, fever and severe abdominal pain. A small set of patient may develop pancreatitis as a result of bile duct stones. We offer single sitting endoscopic / laparoscopic bile duct stone clearance and laparoscoic gall bladder removal as our centre.

Choledochal cyst

This is dilatation of the bile duct system of an indiviual, most often from childhood. It may present during childhood or adult life with pain in right upper abdomen, fever and jaundice. Sometimes it may be incidentally detected for non specific symptoms. Since these cyst carry risk of cancer we advice medical consultation and further evaluation. We offer laparoscopic and robotic surgery for removal of such cysts.

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