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Before Liver Transplant - Diagnostic Test

Common Test for a Liver Transplant

Your Transplant team will need to perform a series of medical tests which may include

  • Physical exam with routine laboratory tests (Blood chemistry and blood counts)
  • Medical family and social histories
  • Blood Typing (A /B/C)
  • Viral testing to check for infections such as hepatitis C (H C V), Epstein Barr virus (E B V), or Human immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
  • Panel of Reactive antibodies (PRA) may also be measured to see if there are specific antibodies in your blood. This helps your doctor understand how your body will react to a transplant
  • X - rays or scans of the liver
  • 24 hours urine test.
  • A Liver Biopsy may also be performed

MELD SCORE - Your "MELD" score is another key part of your evaluation. MELD Stands for Model for end age liver disease. MELD is a numerical scale that determines how urgently you need a liver transplant within the next 3 months.

Your "MELD" score is based on certain laboratory tests such as

  • Serum Bilirubin which measures how well gets rid of bile
  • INR or international normalized ratio for prothrombin time which measures your liver ability to make substances that keep the blood from clots
  • Serum creatinine which measures how well your kidneys are working

MELD scores will need to be determined on an ongoing basis while you are a candidate. PELD (Pediatric End Stage Liver Disease) is a similar Numerical scale for pediatric patients.

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