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My brother, Ghanshyam Mishra from Lucknow was suffering from Liver failure. He was very serious and all Doctors of Lucknow including Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences also refused for further treatment. Then we took the patient Ghanshyam Mishra to Dr. Ushast Dhir at Sir Gangaram Hospital New Delhi. He treated him and stabilized his condition to be fit for transplant. Dr. Dhir, advised for the Liver transplant when he was stable. All the potential donors were not appropriate so Dr. Dhir listed my brother for cadaver Liver transplant in his program. We got a Liver in 2 weeks of listing due to his efforts. My younger brother Ghanshyam Mishra underwent a successful Liver transplant at Continental Hospital Hyderabad. Dr. Dhir is a very good doctor, he has given him new life, he never developed any complications because of his mastered post operation treatment. He is so careful for his patients that even sometimes we use to call him in late night also but he never got angry always replied politely and affectionally which made my patient to improve fast. Dr sahab is really next to God for us. I wish him all the Best For his carrier and family.

Ghanshyam Mishra Lucknow

Very good doctor. Was very helpful with my patients. He operated on a very complicated case and the patient was discharged without any complications. I am really grateful to him for his highly professional services. Liver Transplantation is a highly specialised surgical field and he is professionally trained in the same.

Satish Chander Verma

Dr. Ushast Dhir is very humble and he did my treatment in a very kind way. He really care his patients sincerely.....I personally feel it. Thank you sir.

Laxman Sharma

Most qualified and highly trained surgeon with Clinical training and experience from top Hospitals in USA. He is very professional in his approach and highly dedicated for his patients. He not just specialises in Liver Transplant, he is also laparoscopic and minimally invasive surgery specialist. Having training in Bariatric surgery as well. I will highly recommend him to everyone, being a doctor myself I can vouch for his expertise and skill.

Sandeep Verma

I got trasplanted last month only and living my life to the fullest and he is the one who always ask courteous question, let people talk and listen to them carefully which makes him strike on bulls eye, very cooperative with expertise.

Pradeep Gupta