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Learn About The Stages Of Liver Cancer

  • Learn About The Stages Of Liver Cancer

    After someone is diagnosed of liver cancer, it is important to know the stage of cancer to decide where the cancer has spread in the body and what treatment option should be followed. Liver cancer treatment in India is amongst the best in the world and therefore it is highly in demand. Through the use of most advanced technique of robotic & laparoscopic surgery in Delhi, millions of patients have got a new lease of life.

    Liver cancer varies from Stage I to Stage IV - Higher the number the more serious is the cancer.

    Cancer is further categorized based on:

    • Size of tumor (T),
    • Spread to nearby lymph nodes (N), and
    • Metastasis (M) spread ability to distant lymph nodes or organs.

    Stage IA: Single tumor of size less than 2 cm and has not spread to blood vessels, lymph nodes or organs.

    Stage IB: Single tumor larger than 2 cm and has not spread to nearby lymph nodesor blood vessels.

    Stage II: Single tumor that has grown into blood vessels or more than one tumor and none larger than 5 cm.

    Stage IIIA: More than one tumor with at least one larger than 5 cm. Tumor has not spread to lymph nodes or organs.

    Stage IIIB: At least one tumor that has grown into one of the large vein of liver. It has not spread into any lymph node or organs.

    Stage IVA: Single or multiple tumor of any size that has spread to nearby lymph nodes but not the distant lymphs or organs.

    Stage IVB: Single or multiple tumor of any size. The tumor might not have spread to lymph nodes but has spread to distant organs. They are also known as advanced or metastatic cancers.

    Liver cancer treatment in India: Liver cancer surgeries are on the rise and it is regarded that in US alone around 6,000 surgeries are done in a year.

    As per NCBI, Liver Transplant surgeries have increased manifolds in India over last 10-15 years. This includes robotic & laparoscopic surgery in Delhi as well. The majority of transplant cases are live donor liver transplants.Options for liver cancer treatment include the following:

    Cancer is further categorized based on:

    • Transplant – suitable if cancer has not spread to other organs.
    • Surgery – If the cancer has not spread much then the doctors might take out some portion of liver.
    • Cryosurgery – Using cold nitrogen to kill cancer cells.
    • Chemotherapy cannot be directly used but chemotherapy drugs can be injected to reduce the supply of blood to the tumors.
    • Radiation therapy – which helps to reduce the growth of tumors to other body parts

    Robotic and Laparoscopic Surgery is proof of one of the latest technology used to treat liver cancer. In this, surgery is conducted using small holes, rather than making big cuts in the body. This surgery is very less painful in comparison and the recovery of the patients is also faster. So, advancements inscience and technology has certainly helped in making this disease curable. But still, in case of cancer it is advisable to be vigilant and get the disease diagnosed at an early stage.

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