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Dr. Ushast Dhir - Best Liver Transplant Surgeon In Delhi, India

Best Quality Liver Transplant Surgery In India At Most Reasonable Cost

  • Best Quality Liver Transplant Surgery In India At Most Reasonable Cost

    Demand for liver transplant surgery in India has gained a huge momentum in the recent past. This is mainly because of the availability of world-class quality of treatment at a price which is less than half of what you would have ended up paying in the western countries.

    Located inside the rib cage, liver mainly performs the function of filtering the blood coming from digestive tract and then passes it to the rest of your body. It is also responsible for making proteins essential for blood clotting. Detoxification of chemicals and metabolising of drugs is also done by liver only. Any damage or medical condition affecting liver may result in loss of the above functions and lead to liver failure. When all other treatment options fail to relieve you, your doctor may advise liver transplant surgery.

    Due to low cost of liver transplant surgery in India, millions of liver patients from across the world prefer coming to India and experience medical treatment of international standards at a highly reasonable price. We suggest you to stay calm and keep reminding yourself that you are in safe hands and will definitely recover and lead a normal life. All you need to do is prepare yourself well for this life-saving procedure. Go through every minute detail of liver transplant surgery in India and understand all the pros and cons of this surgical procedure.

    There are lot of stories that we hear from people regarding the cost of liver transplant being on the higher side, particularly as compared to other surgical procedures. But you need to understand the reason behind it. Read below to have a better insight into the various major components of liver transplant surgery:

    • Pre-transplant work up that includes extensive laboratory tests for both the patient and donor.
    • Room and ICU charges during hospital stay.
    • Transplant Surgeon fee.
    • Cost of advanced tools and equipment used during surgery.
    • Use of high-end drugs that also includes antibiotics and anti-rejection drugs.
    • Physical therapy.
    • Rehabilitation charges.
    • Cost of nursing and support care.
    • Blood processing charges.

    An understanding of the above points along with cost of liver transplant surgery in India will help you come prepared to India, which is one of the world’s top medical tourism destinations currently. Liver transplant coordinator will explain you about the package inclusions and exclusions, which is a very important aspect as far as total expenses are concerned. This exercise will help in avoiding any last-minute surprises. We also have standard protocols for providing complete and round-the-clock assistance at an affordable cost to smoothen out your cost-related concerns.

    You should also come prepared for the post-surgical expenses, that is, the cost incurred on stay outside hospital. Patient normally stays in hospital for around 3 weeks in total and then he/she is asked to come for few regular follow up visits to monitor patient’s vitals and recovery. We help you in arrangement of accommodation near hospital premises so that it is easier to visit the hospital for follow up.

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